CH14 9 .3 - Site Plan and Construction Drawings

  1. In addition to all other required applications, information and permits from other governmental agencies, a person who applies for an improvement location permit under section 9.1 must furnish the Administrator with plans drawn to scale showing:
    1. the location and legal description of the land concerned;
    2. the location and size of all buildings and structures already on the land and those to be erected, including parking, signage, landscaping, and screening;
    3. the size of all entrances to and exits from the land, including all adjacent streets and highways;
    4. detailed drawings showing all construction and materials; and 
    5. elevations of all buildings to be constructed.
    6. Plans so furnished shall be kept by the Administrative Officer as               permanent records.
  2. As a condition of issuing a permit, the Administrator may require changes to the landscape plan upon recommendation of the Design Review Committee, the relocation of any structures or buildings, or of any entrance or exit, or the inclusion of entrances or exits not shown on the plan, or the deletion of any entrance or exit, if the requirement is necessary in the interest of the public welfare or to an appropriate balancing of the interests of persons in the district and vicinity concerned.
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