CH15 15 .17 - Considerations: Standard Minimums

  1. In the development of the Lapel area, care shall be taken and consideration given to the preservation of the existing environment and natural features of the land. These shall include, but are not limited to, farm lands, woods, creeks, floodways, historic sites, cemeteries, wild life habitat or other similar areas which may be of value, either intrinsic or real, and which are considered to enhance the total area in general.
  2. Special consideration shall be given to the prevention of soil erosion, air and water pollution and the proper disposal of all refuse and waste materials, and the elimination of any undesirable condition or situation.
  3. The development of the area shall be harmonious with the existing areas, and shall further protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents in the jurisdictional area of the Commission.
  4. The standards and requirements of this chapter shall be deemed "Minimum," and whenever the requirements of the Zoning Code, or any requirements of the Comprehensive Plan, or any governmental agency are higher or more restrictive, then the latter standards and requirements shall control any approval of the plat or development plans.
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