CH15 15 .18 - Platting of Land

  1. The land shall be platted to achieve the most desirable utilization thereof, in a manner most conducive to:
    1. The creation of conditions favorable to the public health, safety, and welfare and the physical, social and economic development of the area, and in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan;
    2. The advantageous distribution of population densities and traffic control;           
    3. The creation of desirable local subdivision units with provision for;
      1. Adequate public and semi-public grounds, spaces and facilities, including, but not limited to, governmental services and administration, education and recreation;
      2. Sanitation and drainage, including the treatment and disposal of excess drainage waters, sewage, garbage, refuse and other wastes;
      3. Necessary public utilities providing water, light, heat, and communication;
    4. The prevention of stream pollution;
    5. The elimination of blight;
    6. The prevention and control of floods; and
    7. The conservation of water, oil and other agricultural and mineral resources.
  2. Land shall be platted with aversion to effectuating any long range programs or financial obligations on the part of the town or the Commission, and shall promote the efficient and economic use of public funds.
  3. Land which is subject to flooding or other danger shall not be platted for any use or in any manner tending to create an increased detriment to the public health, safety or welfare.
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