Amendment to Ordinance #9, 2010

The enclosed amendment to Ordinance #9-2010 is as follows:

The Lapel Town Council of the Town of Lapel, Indiana amends Ordinance #9-2010 as follows:

The Lapel Town Council agrees to a special "End of the Year" bonus of $50.00 to the following employees:

  • Dennis Molina
  • Michael Barnes
  • Robert Kowalski
  • Jonathan Hosier
  • Ryan Daniels
  • Matt McDole
  • Nathon Owens
  • Andrew Kern
  • Aaron Withrow
  • Cameron Clawson
  • Virgil Hobbs
  • John Johnson
  • Donna Lawther
  • Paula Lee

Passed and adopted by the Lapel Town Council this 16th day of December 2010.

Further Information

Date Passed: 12/16/2010