CH20 20 .5 - Amend Alternate Transportation 5-2009

Be it ordained by the Town of Lapel, Madison County, Indiana:

Whereas the Town of Lapel, Indiana, amends Ordinance no. 5-2009 and hereby adopts an ordinance for the regulation of alternative transportation used on the right of ways and roadways of the Town of Lapel.

Whereas the Town of Lapel, Indiana, adopts all definitions and provisions of I.C. 9-13-2-69.7 referencing the definition of a golf cart; Indiana Code 9-13-2-94.5 adopting the definition of low speed vehicles; and Indiana Code 14-19-1-0.5 defining motorized cart.

Be it ordained by the Town Board of Lapel, Town of Lapel, Madison County, Indiana, that the following ordinance is hereby established and hereby does adopt the above referenced Indiana Codes and further establishes the described use of alternative transportation:

  1. Alternative transportation is defined and described as any motorized vehicle not requiring to be plated, including but not limited to electric vehicles, golf carts, utility carts, and excluding quad runners and dirt bikes.
  2. Any operator of alternative transportation must have a current and valid driver’s license and comply with local and state ordinances and laws.
  3. Any alternative transportation vehicle or device must be inspected on an annual basis. The inspection costs shall be $40.00 per unit and the inspection shall be conducted by the Lapel Police Department at the Lapel Police Station located at 720 South Ford Street, Lapel, Indiana.  The purpose of the inspection will be to determine whether or not the unit is safe and in compliance with all related rules and regulations.
  4. The owner must renew the inspection every twelve (12) months by scheduling the appointment as described above. The Lapel Police Department will maintain records of inspection and reserve the right to remove an uninspected or unsafe alternate transportation unit.
  5. Any violators of this ordinance shall be brought before the Lapel Safety Board and subject to a fine of up to $500.00 per violation offense.
  6. Each alternate transportation unit must be insured and verification of that insurance must be presented at the time of the above-referenced inspection.
  7. Parking will be parallel to and on the right in the same direction as traffic is designed to flow.
  8. That the hours of operation for alternative vehicles will be from the hours of 5:00am through 11:00pm.
  9. Any alternative vehicle being operated in the Town of Lapel shall have the following equipment:
    1. Headlamps
    2. Front and rear turn signal lamps, tail lamps and stop lamps
    3. Reflex reflectors
    4. Brakes
    5. Windshield
    6. Vehicle Identification Number
    7. A safety belt installed at each designated seating position
    8. A maximum design speed of not more than 35 miles per hour
  1. That this Ordinance shall not contradict any law of the State of Indiana, pursuant to Indiana Code, including but not limited to alternative transportation vehicles may not be operated on dedicated state highways (including State Road 13).
  2. This Amendment incorporates by reference all relevant provisions of Title 9, of Indiana Code, which regulates motor vehicles in the State of Indiana.

Read and adopted this 5 day of May 2011.

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Date Passed: 5/5/2011
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