CH4 4 .3 - New Ordinance

  1. The Board, acting within the reasonable exercise of its police power, adopts the following regulations governing certain roads and streets under its jurisdiction:
  2. All highways listed below are designated as one-way highways. All vehicles thereon shall be moved in one (1) specific direction, as indicated by signs posted upon or at the entrance to these highways or portions of highways.
    1. The alley between Main Street and the first alley intersection west of Main Street, and being the first alley North of 7th Street, moving easterly.
    2. On the alley between the Remley Building and Collins Building on Main Street, moving westwardly.
    3. On the first alley north of Seventh Street, moving westwardly from Main Street to the first alley running north and south.
    4. Vine Street shall be one-way southbound from 7th Street to Pendleton.
    5. The alley extending from John Street to Woodward Street for travel from east to west.
    6. The alley extending from John Street to Pendleton Avenue for travel from west to east.
    7. 9th Street, from Brookside to Pendleton Avenue, shall allow one-way truck and semi-truck traffic, in an Easterly direction. ('82 Code, Ord. No. 9-1982, passed 12/22/82) ('Ord. No. 5-1988, passed 12/14/88)(Ord. 15-1997, passed 12/16/97)
    8. Short Street from Ninth Street to Eighth Street shall be opened and that the exit onto Eighth Street from Short Street will be restricted to left turn only.  Right onto Pendleton Avenue shall be prohibited. (Ord. No. 10-1998, passed 8/31/98)
    9. The street running East and West from Ford Street to Main Street immediately south of the Town Hall of Lapel shall be named Caplinger Street. (Ord. 2-1996, passed 3/19/96)
    10. The north/south street, being adjacent to the west side of the current Lions Club building, be designated as “Lions Lane.” (Ord. No. 5-2001, passed  7/19/01)
    11. The north/south street designated as Lions Lane shall have a stop sign at the intersection of Fourth Street. Ord. No. 5-2001, passed 7/19/01)
    12. Clara Street, at the intersection of Sixth Street, shall be designated with stop signs for all north and south traffic traveling across or entering onto Sixth Street. (Ord. No. 6-2001, passed 7/19/01)
    13. A Deaf Child warning sign be installed at a visible location on Myrtle Drive in the Montgomery Farms Addition in the Town of Lapel, Indiana. (Ord. No. 7-2001, passed 7/19/01)
    14. There shall be no right hand turn for semi-trucks from County Road 132 to County Road 300 South for all vehicles approaching that intersection traveling in the direction of the southeast. There will be a One Hundred Dollar ($100) fine for a violation of this ordinance. Ord. No. 2-2002, passed 4/4/2002
    15. The Town of Lapel desires to restrict the transportation of hazardous substances on the Main Street thoroughfare of the Town of Lapel as that thoroughfare represents the downtown business district. No. 5-2003, passed 8/21/2003.
  3. The Board hereby designates the following intersections of highways as stop intersections. All vehicles shall stop at one (1) or more of the entrances to a stop intersection as indicated by the signs posted upon or at these intersections to give notice of this traffic regulation.
    1. The following are stop intersections:
      • 4-way stops
        • Central Ave. and 7th
        • Conrad St. and Gwinn St.
        • Ford St. and 4th St.
        • Main St. and 4th St.
        • Main St. and 9th St.
        • Erie St and 5th St.
        • Woodward St. and 11th.
        • Woodward St. and 9th.
        • Woodward Avenue and 4th St.
        • Brookside Road and Bulldog Avenue.
      • 3-way stops
        • Busby and Woodward St.
        • Erie and 4th St.
        • Vine and 11th St.
      • 2-way stops
        • Brookside and 7th St.
        • Brookside and 8th St.
        • Brookside and 9th St.
        • Brookside and 10th St.
        • Brookside and Pendleton Ave.
        • Busby and Gwinn.
        • Central and 5th.
        • Central and 6th.
        • Central and 9th.
        • Central and Pendleton Ave.
        • Cross and 8th St.
        • Erie and 3rd St.
        • Erie and 5th St.
        • Erie and 7th St.
        • Erie and 8th St.
        • Erie and 9th St.
        • Erie and 10th St.
        • Erie and 11th St.
        • Erie and 12th St.
        • Erie and Pendleton Ave.
        • Ford and 3rd St.
        • Ford and 4th St.
        • Ford and 8th St.
        • Ford and 9th St.
        • Ford and 10th St.
        • Ford and 11th St.
        • Ford and 12th St.
        • Ford and 14th St.
        • Ford and Pendleton Ave.
        • John and 4th St.
        • John and 5th St.
        • John and 6th St.
        • John and 7th St.
        • John and 9th St.
        • John and 10th St.
        • John and 11th St.
        • John and Pendleton Ave.
        • Main and 7th St.
        • Main and 8th St.
        • Main and 9th St.
        • Main and 10th St.
        • Main and 11th St.
        • Main and 12th St.
        • Main and 14th St.
        • Main and Main Court.
        • Main and Pendleton Ave.
        • Pendleton Ave and 4th St.
        • Pendleton Ave and 5th St.
        • Pendleton Ave and 8th St.
        • Pendleton Ave and 9th St.
        • Pendleton Ave and 10th St.
        • Pendleton Ave and 11th St.
        • Pendleton Ave and Vine St.
        • Pendleton Ave and Walnut St.
        • Pendleton Ave and Woodward St.
        • Short and 9th St.
        • Vine and 5th St.
        • Vine and 6th St.
        • Vine and 7th St.
        • Vine and 9th St.
        • Vine and 10th St.
        • Vine and 11th St.
        • Walnut and 5th St.
        • Walnut and 6th St.
        • Walnut and 7th St.
        • Walnut and 10th St.
        • Walnut and 11th St.
        • Woodward and 4th St.
        • Woodward and 6th St.
        • Woodward and 7th St.
        • Woodward and 8th St.
        • Woodward and 9th St.
        • Woodward and 10th St.
        • Woodward and 11th St.
      • 1-way stops
        • Auburn Court at Montgomery Boulevard
        • Birmingham Boulevard at C.R. 940 W.
        • Brookside Road at the R.R. Track
        • Boxwood Boulevard at Briar Drive
        • Boxwood Boulevard at C.R. 300
        • South Bulldog Avenue
        • Busby at Conrad
        • Crimson Circle at Montgomery Boulevard
        • Hickory Lane at Briar Drive
        • Hickory Lane at Beechwood Drive
        • 4th St going west at Intersection of Erie St and 4th St.
        • North View Drive at Briar Drive
        • Northview Drive and Bulldog Avenue
        • Montgomery Boulevard at C.R. 300
        • South Bulldog Avenue
        • Myrtle Lane and Bulldog Avenue
        • Myrtle Drive at Birmingham Boulevard (North and South)
        • Oakmont Drive at Beechwood Drive
        • Oakmont Drive at Briar Drive
        • Tide Court at Myrtle Drive
        • Tiger Court at Myrtle Drive
      • Removal of the north bound and south bound traffic stop signs on Vine Street at the intersection of 11th Street.
      • Intersection of a certain alley running north and south between 9th and 7th Streets Ord. No. 4, 2002, passed 7/18/202; Ord No. 9, 2003, passed 12/18/2003, Ord. No. 5, 2004, passed 8/5/2004, Ord. No. 1-2003. passed 1/2/2003
  4. "Slow-children playing" signs shall be placed  
    1. South of 11th Street;
    2. On Gwinn Lane; and on
    3. Woodward Street
  5. Any person violating this section shall be fined an amount not to exceed  Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00).

('82 Code, Ord. No. 9-1982, passed 12/22/82)(Ord. No. 5-1984, passed 9/12/84)

(Ord. No. 3-1990, passed 4/11/90)(Ord. 3-1996, Passed 6/18/96)(Ord. No. 5-1996, passed 9/24/96)(Ord No. 6-1996, passed 6/18/96)(Ord. No. 5-97, passed June 17, 1997)(Ord. No. 5-1997, passed 6/17/97)(Ord. No 6-1997, passed 7/22/97) (Ord. No. 12-1997, passed

9/16/97)(Ord. 15-1997, passed 12/16/97)(Ord. No. 3-1998, passed 4/16/98)

Further Information

Date Passed: 12/22/1982
Date Amended: 4/16/1998
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