CH4 4 .4 - Speed Limits

  1. A speed limit of twenty (20) miles per hour be imposed and posted on all public thoroughfares, within the corporate limits of the Town, with the exception of posted speed limits on State Highway 13.
  2. That a special limit of forty (40) miles per hour with a reduced speed of twenty five (25) miles per hour when children are present to be posted at 200 S. starting at a point approximately two/tenths (.2) of a mile east of 900W and a reduced speed ahead sign, posted approximately four-tenths (.4) of a mile east of 900W in an easterly and westerly direction.
  3. Posted speed limit of thirty (30) miles per hour on Bulldog Avenue from State Road 13 to Brookside Road in the easterly and westerly direction.
  4. A thirty (30) mile per hour speed limit on Pendleton Avenue to one/tenth (.10) of a mile east of Central Avenue and from that point to 300S a forty five (45) miles per hour speed limit from 300S on Bulldog Avenue to State Road 13.
  5. The Board has determined by engineering and traffic investigations that the proper maximum speed for all highways, parts of highways and urban districts not governed by the provisions of the preceding subsection shall be thirty (30) miles per hour.
  6. Any person violating this section shall be fined an amount not to exceed Twenty-Five ($25.00) Dollars.

Further Information

Ord No. 2-1993, passed 6/15/93
Date Passed: 6/15/1993
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