CH4 4 .5 - No Parking Zones

Amendments and Repeals

Sections of this ordinance have since been Amended By - 14-2007 3-2019 
  1. No person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or avoid conflict with law or the directions of a police officer or traffic control device in any of the following places where signs have been erected by the Board prohibiting parking:
    1. On circle at south end of John Street;
    2. On Main Street; Parking is restored at 631 South Main Street.
    3. Between 10th and Pendleton Avenue parking shall be limited to one and one-half hours from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on each day of business, excepting Saturday.  On Saturday, parking shall be limited to one and one-half hours from the hour of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.;
    4. On the east side of Brookside Road, between Pendleton Avenue and Seventh Avenue;
    5. On the south side of East 10th Street; between Main Street and Vine Street;
    6. On the south side of Seventh Street, between Main Street and Pendleton Avenue;
    7. One-half hour parking limit on the west side of Main Street from the railroad tracks south of the first alley;
    8. On the west side of Ford Street, beginning at the intersection of Ford Street and Pendleton Avenue and extending a distance of seventy-five (75) feet south of said intersection. No Parking area shall be posted NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER.
    9. On the east side of Ford Street, beginning at the intersection of Ford Street and Pendleton Avenue, and extending a distance of fifty (50) feet south of said intersection. NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER.
    10. The public thoroughfare of 7th Street, directly in front of the Methodist Church shall have two parking spaces designated as "no parking."  Specifically, located at the front entrance of the church, on the south side of 7th Street, two spaces each from Clara Street.
    11. No motor bus, auto truck, hack truck or semi-trailer, or other vehicle for hire, shall park on any street within the fire limits of the town longer than to discharge or take on cargo and unless in actual service.  No business proprietor, resident, shall authorize said vehicles to park in front of any place of business or residential property in the town except for the purposes authorized by this subsection.  
  2. Any person violating this section shall be fined in an amount not to exceed $25.00 plus court costs.
  3. The Town Street Commissioner may lay out, design and establish street cleaning schedules in such a manner as he or she may deem fit and proper to effect the most efficient highway cleaning program. The Town Street Commissioner may also designate times and hours when highways shall be swept, cleaned or flushed, taking into consideration the times and hours that will least interfere with the use of the highway by the public generally, and particularly in the downtown area.
  4. Signs shall be posted stating the conditions and hours during which time parking is prohibited. The signs and their lettering shall be of sufficient size to be  clearly legible.  All highways shall be posted with such signs to give notice to the public concerning the scheduled street cleaning, repair or snow removal.
  5. During any period when highways are being repaired, swept, cleaned or snow is being removed by the Street Commissioner and signs are posted, or other notices given to the public to such effect, no vehicle shall be parked or left thereon, or other object be placed so as to obstruct or interfere with said sweeping, cleaning, repair, or snow removal from any public highway or alley. If any vehicle is parked or left standing upon any public highway or alley in violation of the no parking regulation, the Town Marshal may order the removal of the vehicle from the highway, and impound the vehicle.  The expense of removal and impoundment shall be paid by the owner.  The owner shall not be entitled to recover the vehicle without payment of costs for removal, impoundment and storage.  (Ord No. 5-1990 passed 9/26/90)(Ord. No. 1-1993 passed 6/15/93) (Amended By Ord. No. 5-1993, passed 12/30/93
  6. A snow emergency shall exist in the Town of Lapel in conjunction to and concurrent to any snow emergency declared by Madison County, Indiana. That during a snow emergency, no motorized vehicle shall be parked on the thoroughfares as marked and designated on Exhibit A which is attached and be a part of this ordinance.  Violation for the failure to abide by the no parking designation shall be punishable by fines as outlined in the existing town ordinance and the vehicle owner shall be subject to towing and storage charges of any vehicle in violation of this ordinance.  That in addition to existing fines for parking violations, vehicle owners shall be subject to towing and storage charges for any vehicles removed from such designated street during a snow emergency.  That the snow emergency thoroughfare shall be declared snow  emergency route and accordingly marked by the Town of Lapel.  (Ord. No. 6-1999, passed 6/17/1999) (Ord. No. 9-2001, passed 8/16/2001) 
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