CH14 3 .2 - Boundaries in General

  1. The boundaries of the districts established by section 3.1 are as shown on the zone map which is a part of this Ordinance, and hereafter known as the Official Zoning Map for the Town of Lapel. Said Official Zoning Map shall hereafter be kept in the custody of the Administrator of Lapel, Indiana. Except as provided by Section 3.3, such boundaries and the Official Zoning Map shall be changed only by amendment to the Official Zoning Map. Upon such amendment the Town of Lapel shall within (5) days of passage of such amendment, certify a copy of such amendment to the Administrator, who shall immediately change the Official Zoning Map in accordance with such amendment.  The Administrator shall cause the Official Zoning Map to show the Ordinance number and date of adoption of all such amending ordinances.
  2. When the exact boundaries of a district are uncertain, they shall be determined by use of the scale of the zoning map.
  3. When the maps are caused to be changed by amendment the change shall be to the center of any and all abutting rights-of-way.
  4. If the boundary line of a district divides a lot having frontage on a street so that the front part of the lot lies in one district and the rest of the lot lies in another, use requirements and restrictions that apply to the front part of the lot apply to the entire lot.
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