CH14 3 .3 - Boundaries Flood Plain Districts

The boundary of an FP District may be changed if the Indiana Natural Resources Commission, after investigating the land involved, determines (1) that the requested change would not endanger the public welfare, and (2) that the elevation of such land is at or above the elevation of the regulatory flood.  Such determination shall be made in writing upon the request of the applicant who shall provide the Indiana Natural Resources Commission with a scale drawing identifying the location, dimensions and elevations related to the USGS datum of the land.

If the land within the boundary of an FP District is certified by a Registered Land Surveyor or Registered Professional Engineer as having an elevation at or above the regulatory flood elevation, as determined by the Indiana Natural Resources Commission, that area of land so certified will be removed from the FP designation and will become zoned as the adjacent areas on the zoning map.  Should the adjacent areas contain more than one zoning district, the line dividing those existing districts shall be extended through the land so removed from the FP District.  Should an area, certified as having natural ground elevation at or above that of the regulatory flood, be adjacent to no district other than flood plain (i.e., surrounded by flood plain), it will be designated A, Agriculture, until or unless the legislative body alters that designation by ordinance.  However, in the case of islands created by fill material only those islands located in the floodway fringe will be redesignated.  Islands created in the floodway will still be considered part of the floodway.  However, in no case shall an area derive A zoning from its adjacency to land removed by certification from the FP district if the area also abuts another zoning classification. It shall derive its zoning from the adjacent district.

Buildings permitted on lands within one hundred (100) feet of the FP District shall be required to comply with the flood protection grade as established by the Indiana Natural Resources Commission.

All lands, within the flood plain having an elevation below that elevation determined by the Indiana Natural Resources Commission to be the regulatory flood elevation for that location shall be in the FP District.

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