CH14 4 .0 - Authorized Uses


The purpose of this section is to describe the uses which are permitted, either by right or by special exception, and the conditions under which they are authorized in the districts described in the previous Section.

Subsection 4.1 deals with "primary" as opposed to secondary, ancillary or "accessory" uses.  Subsection 4.2 lists those accessory uses which are permitted.  Subsection 4.3 deals with the problem of non-conforming uses and structures.  It describes the various kinds of non-conformance and the limitations placed on such uses and structures in order to discourage their continued existence.  Subsection 4.4 deals with the conditions for allowing garage or yard sales as a temporary use.  The chart which concludes this chapter provides a convenient means of seeing which uses are authorized in each of the districts described in Section 3.

It is in this section that the Town of Lapel can express local experience and attitudes in regard to preserving and enhancing the quality of development in a manner appropriate to the character of our community.

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