CH14 3 .4 - Subdivisions, Cluster Developments, Planned Developments, Condominiums and Zero Lot Line Developments

The subdivision of land pursuant to the requirements of the Lapel Subdivision Ordinance shall be permitted in these districts:  A, FP, R1, R2, R3, CB, HS, LB, GB, I, and OD.  The intended principal use of each of the proposed lots within a proposed subdivision shall govern the specific district or districts appropriate to the land to be subdivided, as per 4.1 of this ordinance.

However, the following classifications of subdivisions shall only be permitted in R1, R1, or R3 districts:  major subdivisions intended entirely for residential use, and any portions of major subdivisions intended for residential use;

Planned Developments shall be permitted only in these districts:  PD-R, PD-C, PD-I, PD-REC and PD-E, as per Section 6.2 of this ordinance.  In order to provide greater design flexibility, and to encourage innovative land development techniques and a more efficient use of land, the design and development of uses within these districts may deviate from the standard prescribed by the Lapel Subdivision Ordinance and sections 5.1 through 5.14 of this ordinance.

Condominiums, as defined and regulated in Indiana Code 32-1-6 (the Horizontal Property Law), cluster developments, zero lot line developments and all developments of the minimum sizes specified in Section 6.2 of this ordinance and larger shall be considered for zoning purposes to be Planned Developments, and consequently shall be permitted only in these districts:  PD-R, PD-C, PD-I, PD-REC  and PD-E, as per Section 6.2 of this ordinance.

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