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Town of Lapel - News

All the news for the Town of Lapel.

UPDATE: LKQ Proposal (Special Use)

The next BZA meeting is on October 30, 2023

Dear Lapel residents, 

During the last BZA public meeting on October 9, 2023, the BZA continued the review of the LKQ's Special Use application to the next meeting on October 30, 2023, at the Lodge (818 Main Street, Lapel, IN) at 6 p.m. The agenda for this upcoming meeting is located here with the files that were submitted for this case so far by the petitioner, staff and the public.

Note: there was a discrepancy during the hearing of whether the Town of Lapel has or doesn’t have a Wellhead Protection Plan for the well at SR 13. There is a Wellhead Protection Plan that covers the well located by SR 13 and the map for it is uploaded as Exhibit E with the agenda linked above.

While the state law prohibits anyone from contacting BZA members directly with the intent to influence their decision on the applications going through the review, the law allows the staff to submit written files to the BZA at least 5 days before the meeting. If you would like to submit any additional information to the Board before the meeting, please email it to Oksana Polhuy at by 5 pm on October 24th. Please state your name and address in your request. Also, if you have any planning questions regarding this item, feel free to email Ms. Polhuy as well.

Kind regards,

Oksana Polhuy

Planning Administrator

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UPDATE: LKQ Proposal (Special Use)

The next BZA meeting is on October 9, 2023

Dear Lapel residents, 

During the last BZA public meeting on September 18, 2023, the BZA continued the review of the LKQ's Special Use application to the next meeting on October 9, 2023, at the Station at 6 p.m. The attendees requested access to the written information that was submitted to the BZA during the public meeting. The agenda for this upcoming meeting is located here. The files submitted to the BZA by the public and an additional exhibit submitted by the staff during the meeting are attached to this agenda. The staff also added a few files to the applicant's submittal that were submitted by the applicant but were not in the previous online Staff Report file (warranty deeds and the sewer letter). 

While the state law prohibits anyone from contacting BZA members directly with the intent to influence their decision on the applications going through the review, the law allows the staff to submit written files to the BZA at least 5 days before the meeting. If you would like to submit any additional information to the Board before the meeting, please email it to Oksana Polhuy at by October 2nd at the latest to allow a few days to consolidate and post files online and send them to the Board members. Also, if you have any planning questions regarding this item, feel free to email Ms. Polhuy as well.

Kind regards,

Oksana Polhuy

Planning Administrator

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Concerning the LKQ Rezone

As many may already be aware, since last Thursday several social media accounts have gone “viral” with discussions pertaining to the recent rezone and potential LKQ project that was passed during our most recent Council Meeting.

While several residents of our town have expressed excitement toward the project and the new jobs and tax revenue that the will incur as a result of the project, others disagree and disapprove. Both are completely acceptable reactions to have as everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

What people are not entitled to are their own facts.

Unfortunately, during these past few days, lies, mistruths, accusations of criminal impropriety, false information about environmental disaster, and campaigns filled with reckless disregard of the truth against members of our council and their families have been disseminated.

While we have asked our Legal Team to write an open letter to explain how the entire rezoning process was completely above board, we, the entire council, would also like to take this time to express our shock and disappointment.

The vote was 3-2 in favor. Clearly a split decision. However, we were all able to respect each other’s opinions and civilly disagree.

We implore EVERYONE to please think and consider using more kindness and compassion before you begin lobbing attacks on social media against members of our town. We are all neighbors and we all want what’s best for our town.

Again, we are not saying that we all have to agree on everything, but we believe that we should all be civil towards each other. In 2023, it might be a rarity elsewhere . . . but it’s always been the standard here in Lapel and we certainly don’t wish for a small group of our residents to completely change our culture because they’re unhappy with a legally sound and binding vote.

Please read the attached letter. If you have questions, please feel free to contact any of the five of us.


The Lapel Town Council


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Updated Website for the Town of Lapel

The Town of Lapel website at has had a makeover, with a lot of enhancements and improvements. 

Thanks for stopping by and please Contact Us if you need further assistance.

New Website

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Natural Gas Price Update

Town of Lapel
Natural Gas Price Update
Winter 2022-2023

There are several factors impacting natural gas prices. First and foremost, natural gas prices have been impacted by the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Russia has limited deliveries of natural gas to Europe via the Nordstream pipeline. As of August 31st, Russia is delivering no gas via Nordstream with no date to resume service which should send European price skyrocketing if the outage continues. This has driven natural gas prices for Winter for Europe past $40/Mcf after trading over $100/Mcf…more than ten times the US price! The US is making up some of the shortfall via LNG exports to Europe and other countries. The US can export more than 12 Bcf/day when operating at capacity. Every cubic foot of natural gas that can leave this country will due to the high price overseas market. Natural gas storage is 7.4% (223 Bcf) below last year due to the US using significant natural gas consumption for power generation to meet cooling demands. Natural gas production which most had anticipated to reach 97 Bcf/day, or higher this year has not reached that point. Natural gas production is currently at its highest for the year at/near 96.5 Bcf/day and it just reached these levels after lingering below 94 Bcf/day for most of the year. These factors have allowed natural gas prices to reach 14-year highs.

It's not all bad news for US buyers. The Freeport LNG plant which produces 2.2 Bcf/day remains offline and is currently projected to be back in service no sooner than mid-November and will likely be off longer. That pushes 2.2 Bcf/day into storage until its restart, gas that otherwise would have left the country. The next several weeks we should see strong injections into storage. NOAA just posted their updated forecast on 9/15 forecasting well above normal temperatures for November into December for most of the highly populated (high gas consumption) regions. This would push additional gas into the ground as well and could push prices lower. 

The natural gas market remains volatile and we anticipate natural gas costs will be higher than last winter. Prices have somewhat decoupled from the European price and are currently trading well off the recent high prices with only January 2023 delivery trading over $8.00/Mcf on 9/16. It was only a few days ago all of winter was trading over $9.00/Mcf. The long-term outlook depends mostly on the weather trend. We will need a winter of above normal temps as a whole to bring prices down significantly.  We will keep you posted on natural gas price expectations as winter nears.

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Lapel Parks and Thoroughfare Open House

Please plan to attend a public open house for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the Lapel Parks Department and the Thoroughfare Master Plan for the Town of Lapel.

Save the Date

September 1st at the Eagles on 9th St.


For more information visit

Save the Date for Lapel Parks and Planning Meetings

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Funeral Procession for Officer Noah Shahnavaz

A message from the Lapel Police Department concerning the Funeral route for Elwood Officer Noah Shahnavaz on Saturday, 6 August 2022.\
I want to pass onto the residents of Lapel the route that the Funeral procession will take for Elwood Officer Noah Shahnavaz. I know there have been some postings on social media already of the route, but I wanted to pass on some additional information as well. The first thing I would like to say is thank you for the support you have shown for Officer Noah Shahnavaz, the Elwood Police Department, and Madison County Law Enforcement as a whole.
I know many of you have expressed a desire to show your support by lining the roadway as the procession passes through Lapel and I wanted to provide you with the route and locations that you can do so safely.
The procession route through Lapel will exit I-69 at the 214 exit and proceed north on SR-13. It will then turn west onto 300 S and proceed to Atlantic road where it will turn north and proceed to SR-13. For the residence of Brookside and Montgomery Farms, once the procession turns onto 300 S, you will be blocked from entering onto 300 S for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. It is estimated that there will be 2000 vehicles in the procession.
Please remember that the service will be a very fluid event and times are only estimates. I anticipate the procession will enter Lapel no earlier than 3:00 pm and no later than 5:30 pm. Again, please bear in mind that I have no way of actually knowing how many Officers will attend the funeral service and times could vary drastically. If you will follow the Town of Lapel Facebook page, a post will be made once the service at the ITown church is complete and the procession should be entering Lapel anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes after that time.
If you wish to show your support by standing roadside I ask that you do so in the following locations:
1. Along the grass at the Lapel Elementary school parking lot along 300 S.
2. Along the sidewalk in front of the Brookside and Montgomery Farms additions.
3. Along SR-13 at the Trinity Life Center.
4. Along SR-13 at the old Pilot gas station.
If you plan to stand along 300 S, parking is available at the Lapel Elementary school parking lot and overflow parking will be at the new ball fields on Brookside Rd. If you stand in front of the Trinity Life Center you could park in their parking lot and if you stand in front of the old Pilot you could park in their parking lot.
Again, thank you for your support. If there are any updates, they will be posted on the Town of Lapel Facebook page.
Chief Naselroad
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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2021

The annual drinking water quality report for 2021 has now been made available online.



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Surveys to help the Town of Lapel

The Town of Lapel is conducting two surveys to inform planning efforts: one for the Lapel Parks and Recreation Master Plan and the other for the Lapel Thoroughfare Plan. You may participate in both surveys or simply complete the one of most interest to you. There is an incentive for you to take both surveys.

For those who complete both surveys, you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of two $50 gift cards to Smoky’s Concession Stand in Downtown Lapel. Please note that town employees, commission members and council members are not eligible for the gift cards. We sincerely look forward to your input and feedback as we work to improve our Town.

The surveys will be live for two weeks. We hope to hear from you soon.

Here’s the link to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey:

Here’s the link to the Thoroughfare Plan survey:

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Waste Management Announcement


Good morning,

Beginning this week on Wednesday, WM will service Lapel’s trash pickup from our Indianapolis Hauling District instead of our Morristown Hauling District. This should be seamless to your residents as your service day will not change. Recycling pickup will continue to be provided by Morristown Hauling. The recycling schedule will not change either.

Again – we do not expect any impact to residents except that the time of the day that the drivers arrive could be different. If there is a way to let your residents know to place their trash and recycling at the curb the night before or prior to 6 a.m. that may be helpful in case of any change in the usual service time.

Thanks and have a great week!


Melinda Antell
Public Sector Solutions Representative
C: 317.339.5304

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Paving Projects Spring 2022

Earlier this week representatives of the Town of Lapel were present for a presentation of funds awarded from the 2022 Community Crossings Matching Grant Program.

Governor Holcomb, Commissioner Smith of INDOT with Town President and Deputy Clerk Treasurer

Governor Holcomb (second from left) with Town President Teresa Retherford (left) and Deputy Clerk Treasurer Paula Lee (second from right) (Tuesday April 19th)
The upcoming project includes Erie Street, 10th Street, 500 S, and 4th Street.
We choose the streets that need to be paved based on findings from our engineering company Kimley Horn.
To view a copy of the latest street report created by Kimley Horn you can follow this link.
Additional Resources to Read
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Heavy Trash Pickup May 18th 2022


Cleanups are for Town of Lapel residential customers only and cleanup collection will not include commercial or apartment buildings. No trash from any small businesses operating out of a home will be accepted.

Examples of typical Household Heavy/Bulk Items that will be accepted:
• Carpet & padding and rugs are acceptable. Must be rolled & tied with tape or string into 4ft sections, no wider than 2ft in diameter, no heavier than 50 lbs.
• Mattresses/Box Springs/Upholstered Furniture must be wrapped in plastic for curbside pickup. Use Mattress bags (available at moving stores) or plastic painting drop cloths sealed with duct tape (available at department stores). Queen size mattress or smaller only. No sofa over 80” and no hide-a-bed/sleeper sofas.
• Bags placed for collection may not exceed thirty‚Äźfive (35) pounds & cans may not exceed fifty (50) pounds.
• No individual item over five (5) feet in length, three (3) feet wide or (3) three feet high or weighing over 100 pounds.
• Windows, glass, and mirrors must be less than 3’x4’ in size. Broken glass should be placed in a box, taped shut, and clearly marked, “Broken Glass.”
• Grills - Gas grills must have propane tank removed prior to disposal.
• Lawn Mowers - Push Lawn mowers must be drained of oil and/or gas prior to disposal. We do not accept riding lawn mowers.
• All small items must be in bags or cans for collection. LOOSE PILES WILL BE LEFT FOR THE HOMEOWNERS DISPOSAL.

WM will not accept:
• Auto parts, engines, tires, batteries
• Electronics, including televisions, computers, printers, fax machines, etc.
• No remodeling or construction material - lumber, plaster, drywall, paneling, siding, roofing, or other building materials
• Chemicals, pesticides, paints, solvents or other household hazardous waste
• Propane tanks/gas tanks
• Ashes
• Dead Animals
• Fencing
• Concrete, bricks, dirt, rocks, sod, or stumps
• Iron or steel, or Cast iron bathtubs, or
• Medical waste
• WM will not accept appliances that contain Freon, which include air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers, unless the appliance bears a certification sticker indicating that the Freon has been removed by a certified technician.

Description of Trash Size


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