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UPDATE: LKQ Proposal (Special Use)

This news article was posted 9/21/2023

UPDATE: LKQ Proposal (Special Use)

The next BZA meeting is on October 9, 2023

Dear Lapel residents, 

During the last BZA public meeting on September 18, 2023, the BZA continued the review of the LKQ's Special Use application to the next meeting on October 9, 2023, at the Station at 6 p.m. The attendees requested access to the written information that was submitted to the BZA during the public meeting. The agenda for this upcoming meeting is located here. The files submitted to the BZA by the public and an additional exhibit submitted by the staff during the meeting are attached to this agenda. The staff also added a few files to the applicant's submittal that were submitted by the applicant but were not in the previous online Staff Report file (warranty deeds and the sewer letter). 

While the state law prohibits anyone from contacting BZA members directly with the intent to influence their decision on the applications going through the review, the law allows the staff to submit written files to the BZA at least 5 days before the meeting. If you would like to submit any additional information to the Board before the meeting, please email it to Oksana Polhuy at by October 2nd at the latest to allow a few days to consolidate and post files online and send them to the Board members. Also, if you have any planning questions regarding this item, feel free to email Ms. Polhuy as well.

Kind regards,

Oksana Polhuy

Planning Administrator