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UPDATE: LKQ Proposal (Special Use)

This news article was posted 10/12/2023

UPDATE: LKQ Proposal (Special Use)

The next BZA meeting is on October 30, 2023

Dear Lapel residents, 

During the last BZA public meeting on October 9, 2023, the BZA continued the review of the LKQ's Special Use application to the next meeting on October 30, 2023, at the Lodge (818 Main Street, Lapel, IN) at 6 p.m. The agenda for this upcoming meeting is located here with the files that were submitted for this case so far by the petitioner, staff and the public.

Note: there was a discrepancy during the hearing of whether the Town of Lapel has or doesn’t have a Wellhead Protection Plan for the well at SR 13. There is a Wellhead Protection Plan that covers the well located by SR 13 and the map for it is uploaded as Exhibit E with the agenda linked above.

While the state law prohibits anyone from contacting BZA members directly with the intent to influence their decision on the applications going through the review, the law allows the staff to submit written files to the BZA at least 5 days before the meeting. If you would like to submit any additional information to the Board before the meeting, please email it to Oksana Polhuy at by 5 pm on October 24th. Please state your name and address in your request. Also, if you have any planning questions regarding this item, feel free to email Ms. Polhuy as well.

Kind regards,

Oksana Polhuy

Planning Administrator