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Town Minutes from 5/19/2022

Minutes from a Town meeting on 5/19/2022.

In attendance in person: Teresa Retherford, Chad Blake, Lindsay Washmuth, Noah Bozell, and Paula Lee

In attendance online: Jeff Graham

Absent: Jason Kleinbub

7pm meeting called to order.

Meeting opened to Public Comment:

Dave Whitmoyer 9804 W 400 S--2 major concerns over 400 S road study no traffic counts done on road no weight limits posted for vehicles on that road.  He also has issues with the observed condition index of the road according to the weight study should be a 2.5 not a 5.  Concerned we’re not getting a clear picture of road conditions.  Also asks that current potholes be filled on 400 S. 

Ken DeLaBastide 1301 N Erie Street, having annual car show during Village Fair weekend, asking permission to close School Street on July 9 for Car Show.  Council approved closing of School Street for June 9, 2022.

Dave Turner 403 E 5th Street, has spoken to construction crews of Tuscany development was told they are going to block/reroute his entrance to his driveway.  Also concerned with sidewalks with curbs going down both sides of 5th Street to Central blocking entrance to his house.  Bozell will bring Mr. Turner’s concerns to the Planning Commission. 

Jeff Emerick 408 E 4th Street concerned about drainage from Tuscany, the current drain is improperly installed. Worried new drainage will cause new issues.  Bozell to take Emerick’s concerns to the Planning Commission.

Rob Molina came before the Council to ask for street closures on May 21st, 2022 for the Dennis Molina Ride/Benefit.  Streets requested are 9th & John and Clara to Woodward.  Benefit is taking place at the Lapel Eagles beginning at 8am Saturday May 21st.  Motion to approve street closure made by

Bill Balbach and Brian Bush have purchased lots south of Brockway Glass in Lapel (950 W) they are requesting information on having utilities run to their properties. Based on the location of the property they are within the annexed area of the Town it is possible to be hooked onto Town utilities however it is the responsibility of the property owner to pay to the closest point to connect to Town utilities at customer cost as the developer of the land chose not to connect.  Bush asked about extension of utilities Hutchison said USDI would have to extend gas main and that it would have to loop, cost of that would be determined by USDI.  Discussion with Town engineer would need to be held. 

Tyler McKeon son of Gina & Bryant Keesling also inquired about gas utility connection for their property purchased on 950 W. 

Tyler Whetsel 8919 W State Road 132 (Red Barn property) came with concerns regarding the drainage of his property.  Retherford and Mike Daniels had previously met with Whetsel and walked the property and discussed the drainage.  Some of the issues belong to the County but the issues within the limits of the Town will be addressed by Armacost and utility crew.

Drew Wolfred, Kimley Horn presented the final pay application from DC Construction for the CCMG project.  Drew advises holding retainage of $3750.00 on final pay application and for Council to approve application being presented tonight.  Motion to approve Final Pay Application #5 $86516.79 made by Blake, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor. Drew also spoke on a town wide street improvement project patching and paving outside of the CCMG project at a cost of less than $150,000.00.  Drew to set up a meeting with Retherford and Lee to go over streets and roads in project. Motion to approve the 2022 town wide patching/paving proposal project made by Washmuth, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor. Drainage on 7th street was discussed investigation will need to be done on storm drains in that area.

Motion to approve reversing the direction of Caplinger Avenue to east to west made by Retherford, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor. 

Bozell discussed the moving of a stop sign from 5th and Central to 5th and Walnut, switch from east/west to north/south.  Motion to make 5th and Central a 4 way stop made by Washmuth, 2nd by Bozell and all were in favor.

Motion to approve claims as presented made by Blake, 2nd by Teresa and all were in favor.

Motion to approve replat of Maggart property with a favorable recommendation from Planning Commission made by Bozell, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.

Park Board update: Council appointed Roger Fouse as a new member.

3 quotes were presented for a new mower Kobota $23,000.00, Ferris $34,000.00 and John Deere $14041.85.  The John Deere mower is the floor model currently at the store, Kubota and Ferris would be on order and could take up to 6 weeks to arrive.  Motion to approve purchase of John Deere mower for $14041.85 made by Blake, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.  Cost to be split gas water sewer and park.

Motion to approve purchase of replacement meter at funeral home and wastewater plant at a cost of $1368.57 from Utility Supply made by Blake, 2nd by Retherford voting yes, Blake, Retherford and Washmuth, Bozell abstained.

Motion to approve Hydrant Meter purchase from Utility Supply made by Washmuth, 2nd by Bozell and all were in favor.

Motion to approve MasAllister Water Service agreement made by Retherford, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor.

Motion to approve Pay Application #5 Thienemen Construction water project in the amount of $43814.00 made by Washmuth, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.

Being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.