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Town Minutes from 2/16/2023

Minutes from a Town meeting on 2/16/2023.


FEBRUARY 16, 2023

In attendance: Noah Bozell, Chad Blake, Brian Robertson, Paula Lee, and Evan McMullen Town Attorney.

7pm meeting called to order.

Floor opened for public comment, Tony Cole 729 S Woodward experiencing sewer issues had a plumber come snake and camera the sewer found a breakdown of the pipe in the middle of the road.  Cole asked who would be responsible for the repair of the sewer since it lies in the middle of the road.  2nd could he be reimbursed if this issue falls on the town for his plumbing bill.

Town crew to go to Cole’s home and investigate the situation.  Homeowner is responsible from main to lateral Cole believes it is a main issue since it has collapsed. 

Motion to approve January 25 minutes made by Blake, 2nd by Robertson and all were in favor.

Motion to approve the claims as presented made by Robertson, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.

Motion to approve Thieneman Pay Application #12 in the amount of $225,339.05 made by Robertson, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor. Atlas to be back on site the 27th to complete work projected end date extended to September 9 2023 with INDOT.

Kimley Horn presented a Transportation Management Plan meeting summary regarding the upcoming roundabout projects.

Motion to approve Federal Field Services annual maintenance contract for tornado siren maintenance at a cost of $450 per site made by Blake, 2nd by Robertson and all were in favor.

Discussion was held on the Park budget and the possibility of an additional appropriation from Cascadden.  After clearing up the Bodenhorn Park line item on the fund report per the State Board of Accounts the park is now in arrears $95464.00.  Minimum operating budget has been estimated at $35,000.00 for the year. The park will require a temporary loan for repayment to be discussed at a future meeting.

Discussion was held on Officer Porter’s resignation and separation agreement.  Officer Porter’s last day will be February 19, 2023.  Officer Manuel Diaz has been hired to replace Officer Porter with rate of pay established by the salary ordinance.

Update was given on the handrail at town hall that was torn off by a semi.  Semi driver gave us the wrong insurance information Myers Insurance to work with Paula Lee to follow up.

Planning Commission Update: Shelby Concrete is not currently in code, they applied for a temporary structure the structure is permanent, and there are also issues with their landscaping and berms. Signage and lights at Tuscany were discussed would like them to mesh with what is currently within the town.

Discussion of a pool built without a permit per legal they are to be fined per ordinance, also discussed was the proposal of a commercial site from DLDS on 20 acres south of state road 38.  DLDS will begin working with KK regarding the zoning/codes for construction. Public Hearing will be held to adjust comprehensive plan map.

Utility Update: Mutual separation with utility director, ordinance presented for review regarding Town Manager position.  Utility director position will also need to be filled with a working manager or working supervisor. 

Brandon Hutchison quote for lighting from West Electric at shop to switch over lighting to LED.  Councilman Blake suggested contacting Duke Energy for a grant to upgrade the lighting. Councilman Robertson said to investigate quotes from other lighting companies.

New meter reading software should be in by the end of this month or the beginning of the next month.  Hutchison will need a computer for his vehicle, Blake stated he will procure one from the PD that is no longer in use by them but only 2 years old. 

Office Update: Lee to meet with Myers Insurance to discuss the renewal of liability insurance for the Town. 

Motion to adjourn made by Bozell, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.