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Special Town Minutes from 2/25/2022

Minutes from a Special Town meeting on 2/25/2022.

Lapel Town Council Special Meeting

February 25, 2022 @ 11:00am

Lapel Town Hall

Attending today’s meeting was Teresa Retherford, Chad Blake, Noah Bozell, and Kourtney Krabbe. Town Attorney Shanna Kelly attended the meeting virtually. The public could attend the meeting using the GoTo Meeting link posted on the Town of Lapel’s Facebook page.

Kimley-Horn: The Town currently has two bills from Kimley-Horn; one for the CCMG 2020-2 project & the other for the CCMG 2022-1 project. The MVH fund is still recovering so Retherford suggested using ARPA funds to pay these two invoices. The CCMG 2020-2 invoice is $19,700 & the CCMG 2022-1 invoice is $13,860. A motion to pay the two invoices totaling $33,560 using the ARPA funding was made by Blake, 2nd by Bozell; all voted yes.

Larry Tippin: A motion to approve the Professional Service Agreement with Larry Tippin was made by Bozell, 2nd by Blake; all voted yes.

Old Business: Blake stated the new PD truck that was approved to purchase last year is still on hold at the dealership due to a chip shortage. The dealership is unsure if the Town will even receive the new vehicle in 2022. Blake would like permission to find another truck at a different location so that the Police Department still receives a new vehicle this year. Bozell & Retherford were okay with Blake looking, but not allowed to purchase anything until further discussion at the next meeting.

Lapel State of Emergency: Lapel Town Hall will reopen to the public on Monday February 28, 2022.

Being nothing further to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.