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Special Town Minutes from 7/29/2022

Minutes from a Special Town meeting on 7/29/2022.


JULY 29, 2022

In attendance: Teresa Retherford, Chad Blake, Noah Bozell, Lindsay Washmuth, Jason Kleinbub, Attorney Evan McMullen and Paula Lee.

6pm meeting called to order

Motion to approve the purchase of the Ford F150 Police Truck thru Crossroads Bank at a cost of $56577.17 made by Blake, 2nd by Kleinbub and all were in favor.

Motion to pass the second reading and waive the 3rd reading of Ordinance 7-2022 Wage and Salary Ordinance for the Town of Lapel made by Blake, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.  Ordinance 7-2022 to go into effect effective 7/31/2022.

Flock cameras were discussed and decision was tabled.

Being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.