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Town Minutes from 11/17/2022

Minutes from a Town meeting on 11/17/2022.

NOVEMBER 17, 2022

In attendance in person: Noah Bozell, Chad Blake, Brian Robertson, Lindsay Washmuth, Teresa Retherford and Evan McMullen, Town Attorney. In attendance virtually, Dennis Molina

7pm meeting called to order.

Bozell paused the regular meeting and opened the floor for public comment.

Bozell suspended the regular meeting and opened the Public Hearing for the bids for the 2022 Street Project. Midwest Paving's bid came in at $467,121.00. E&B Paving's bid came in at $372,386.00. Howard Companies bid came in at $482.922.50.

Motion to table the bids for further review made by Blake, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor.

Bryant & Gina Keesling Re-Plat & Waiver-Bozell stated that it has been recommended by the Lapel Planning Commission that it move forward. Robertson stated that no one on the Commission objected to the Re-Plat or Waiver.

Motion to approve the Keeslings Re-Plat & Waiver was made by Washmuth, 2nd by Robertson and all in favor.

Motion to approve the claims as presented made by Washmuth, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.

Drew Wolford spoke about the Midwest Paving pay app. Concrete is finished. Weather permitting as far as asphalt. County road 500 has not had any work done to it.

Motion to approve Pay app #2 made by Washmuth, 2nd by Robertson and all in favor.

Reilly Duffy with Commonwealth Engineers went over memorandum. Theineman is asking for a 90 day extension due to material shortage. Several supplies should be here end of week. Ford Street Well house is complete inclusive of the doors and windows. Concrete pad at water treatment plant is complete. Pay app #9 and Change Order #3 for approval. Mr. Schuck asked when ST RD 13 would start to remove contaminated soil. Duffy said tentatively December 5 2022. Should take 1-3 weeks doing it section by section. Blake would like for Atlas to come back and clean up after themselves.

Motion to approve Pay App #9 for $178,225.70 and Change Order #3 time extension was made by Bozell, 2nd by Washmuth and all in favor.

Motion to approve 2nd reading of the Sewer Rate Ordinance in name and title only made by Washmuth, 2nd by Robertson and all in favor.

Chief Naselroad informed Council that the body cams are in. He is still working on the policy. Naselroad informed the Council that the police department was awarded a grant by the South Madison Community Foundation to purchase a drone. It has been ordered and should arrive any time. Captain Buffington and Officer Porter are in class today and tomorrow to learn how to read maps and everything else except learning how to fly it. We will then have to pass the Part 107 with the FAA to get a license. Naselroad has contacted Shawn at Myers Insurance to make sure we are covered. New reserve officer is in pre-basic. INDOT has accepted all of our permits for the Flock Cameras and we are waiting on approval.

Mary presented a quote for an upgrade to the Alarm Dialer system for the Waste Water Treatment Plant in the amount of $7,240.00 from HPT.

Motion to approve the purchase ofthe upgrade to the Alarm Dialer system was made by Blake, 2nd by Bozell and all in favor.

Mary discussed the rental of the leaf machine. Chad said to repair ours it would cost about


He had all but 50 of them read in a matter of 15-20 minutes and it usually takes him about 3 hours. Brandon also states it can also tell you when you had a water leak started. Chad asked to table until Paula was able to be at the meeting. It will be reviewed next month.

Mary discussed getting the fire hydrants flow tested and inspected. Looking at doing them in April. It's required for insurance. It needs to be done on a regular basis. Mary is going to figure out the cost because we won't need to do the new hydrants. Brian asked if there was a cost savings doing them all at once and Mary said no it's a flat rate. Tabled until next month.

Mary asked about the CDL course. Evan is working on it. Tabled until next month.

Mary also brought up the fact they are looking to start building in Tuscany in May. We are going to need water meters and for 54 meters it is going to cost $18,360.00. We are also going to need gas meters and pipe as well. Brandon it is going to cost about $1500 per gas install. Chad said we need to review our tap fee to cover the costs but for right now we need to do some research in finding the money to purchase them. If we order the water meters now they might arrive by May.

Robertson updated on Planning. Park and Thoroughfare plan should be final in January. Weihe Construction looking to buy 40 acres south of State Road 38. Evan raised concern about traffic turning off of State Road 13. Andy Cole wants to put in a building to hub FiberHawk internet.

Blake spoke about Daniel Paul's upgrade. Tabled until next month. Blake also will be bringing more info on government lease program on computers.

Motion to approve Daniel Paul's upgrade for $2500.00 made by Blake, 2nd by Robertson and all were in favor.

Retherford let the Council know that she and Paula would be out of the office on December 1st for Keystone training in Wabash.

Old Business: Blake said the Bond Bank is working to try to get gas from Citizens Gas. The lawsuit for the price gouging for gas is finally on the Federal docket for 2023.

Evan stated that our Levy was denied and we missed the appeal date.

Motion to adjourn by Blake, 2nd by Lindsay, all in favor.