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Town Minutes from 1/25/2023

Minutes from a Town meeting on 1/25/2023.


JANUARY 25, 2023

In attendance in person: Noah Bozell, Brian Robertson, Paula Lee, and Evan McMullen, Town Attorney.  In attendance by phone: Chad Blake and Rob Bellucci.

12pm meeting called to order.

Discussion was held on $370,000.00 worth of work that needs to be done in order to alleviate issues regarding contaminated soil at Pendleton Ave. 

Bellucci suggests that Council approves a Work Change Directive which allows the contractor to proceed with work in a “not to exceed” amount from Atlas. 

Motion to approve Preliminary Change order and drafting of bonds as advised by legal Counsel made by Blake, 2nd by Robertson and all were in favor.

Motion to have legal negotiate with Ron Ragan on date for Service Agreement made by Robertson, 2nd by Bozell and all were in favor.

Motion to adjourn made by Bozell, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.