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Planning Minutes from 7/13/2023

Minutes from a Planning meeting on 7/13/2023.

JULY 13, 2023

In attendance: Matt Wood, Dan Paddock, Andrea Baldwin, Paula Lee, Brian Robertson, Angie Calloway, attorney Evan McMullen, and Town Planning Administrator Oksana Polhuy.

Motion was made to adopt the Planning Commission Rules and Procedures was made by Robertson, 2nd by Baldwin and all were in favor.


Item 2. Application REZ-2023-02
Subject: Rezoning of the real estate from Agricultural to General Industrial zoning district.
Location: 6199 S ST RD 13; 0 S SR 13
Petitioner(s): LKQ Midwest Inc. (Randy Smith) and FMC Advisors LLC (Chris Farrar)
Property Owner(s): Carolyn L Wilson & Wilson Land Trust c/o Dick Wilson

Chris Farrar representing the developer for LKQ presented his presentation.

Brandon Smith with LKQ entered into the discussion.

Oksana Polhuy, the Town of Lapel planner, presented her staff report with Exhibits. She recommends to send a favorable recommendation of the rezone and presents her findings behind the recommendation.

Wood paused the regular meeting and opened up the Public Hearing for the Application REZ-2023-02. The rezoning of the property located at 6199 S ST RD 13; 0 S SR 13 from Agricultural to General Industrial.

The following people from the public spoke:

     David Smethers, 9148 W SR 38, Lapel, IN  46051

                Mr. Smethers spoke in opposition of the rezone.

     Russell Bowman 9798 W 650 S, Pendleton, IN  46064

                Mr. Bowman spoke in opposition of the rezone.

     Jim Prather 9461 W ST RD 38, Lapel, IN  46051

                Mr. Prather spoke in opposition of the rezone.

     Andy Cole 121 W 12th St., Lapel, IN  46051

                Mr. Cole spoke in opposition of the rezone.

     Jeff Purdue 4956 W 400 S, Pendleton, IN  46064

                Mr. Purdue spoke in opposition to the rezone

     Gary Shuck 227 E 9th St., Lapel, IN  46051

                Mr. Shuck spoke in opposition to the rezone.

     Rob Sparks 219 E 13th St., Anderson, IN

                Mr. Sparks from Madison County Economic Development spoke in favor of the rezone.

Oksana said there were two remonstrance letters received before the meeting and gave them to the Commission President Wood to be added to the record as Exhibit A.

Wood read a letter received from Greg Valentine 5297 S CR 800 W., Lapel, IN 46051 who was not in favor of the rezone.

Wood read a letter received from Kathleen Young 9337 W SR 38, Lapel, IN 46051 who was not in favor of the rezone.

Wood closed the Public Hearing and reopened the regular meeting.

Discussion was held amongst the Commission that they would like to investigate further.

Motion was made to continue the review of the application until the next regular meeting on August 10 made by Paddock, 2nd by Calloway and all were in favor except for Robertson who voted no.

Nate McKeon and Blane Trinkle spoke of 10.5 acres split. They were advised to get in contact with Oksana via email.

Noah Bozell, Town Council President, brought to the Commission that Brockway had approached them about possibly gifting the old golf course to the Town of Lapel.

Oksana spoke about Andy Cole putting a Fiber Hut in on a lot in Lapel. Our ordinance doesn’t allow it at this time. Andy Cole then spoke on his behalf that he was told he could get a waiver. He was told that it is not possible to put the Fiber Hut in the location he wants to. Oksana stated that there would have to be some laws changed and the ordinance would have to be changed. Mike Helterbrand asked if there had to be a sign for a variance. He was told this was not a hearing for a variance. Calloway asked what we would need to do to move forward. Oksana said it would be best to look for another site. Andy said he would do a variance but our UDO does not allow for a variance.

Discussion was held about Event Permits and what events would need to an event permit.

Motion was made to adjourn by Wood, 2nd by Robertson and all were in favor.