Lapel Planning Commission

January 14, 2021

Lapel Eagles

Call to order: Gary Shuck, Teresa Retherford, Jeff Keith, Angie Callaway, Dan Paddock, and Kourtney Krabbe. Attending virtually were Tony Hewitt, and Ashley Hopper, Town Attorney.

A motion to nominate Gary Shuck as Planning Commission President was made by Paddock, 2nd by Retherford; all were in favor except Shuck who voted no.

A motion to nominate Dan Paddock as Planning Commission Vice President was made by Keith, 2nd by Shuck; all were in favor except Paddock who voted no.

A motion was made to hold the Planning Commission meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Lapel Eagles with a virtual option until further notice by Shuck, 2nd by Retherford; all were in favor.

Inhabitable Properties: A discussion was held on two properties that are currently unfit for human habitation. Andy Cole and Steve Beatty, who are in charge of the property at 231 W 7th Street, stated the plan is to have the property cleaned up and demoed by the summer. After they demo the property they will look at the foundation of the building and see if it can be saved or need to be redone.

A motion was made by Paddock to send 231 W 7th Street the first notice letter for an ordinance violation of an unsafe building with a 6 month time frame to clean the property up, and demo the building, 2nd by Retherford; all were in favor. This property will be readdressed at the June 2021 meeting.

The Planning Commission asked building inspector, Chris Hobbs to send a letter to 4512 S SR 13 stating their violations, and requesting a response within 30 days of the letter to prevent further action. The property owners need to present to Hobbs or the Planning Commission what their plan is for the property, and what the timeline looks like. This property will be readdressed on February 11, 2021.

Tiny Houses: A discussion was held on if Lapel would be open to having a tiny home community. Not enough information was available to make a decision. Shuck stated he would get with Neil Stephenson at MCCOG, and provide more information at the February meeting.

Lapel One LLC: It was previously decided that the Lapel One LLC properties at 300 S & Brookside road have been split the maximum number of times under the current owners. If a new owner were to purchase one of those lots, they would need to come to the Planning Commission to ask permission to split the lot more but with no guarantees.

Zoning Ordinance: Tim Munro, BZA member, was present at tonight’s meeting to discuss a section the in the Lapel Zoning Codes. Section E in volume 1.6.8 states that a special use variance would be void after the homeowner sells the property, which goes against what the State Code says. Attorney Jeff Graham is working on this issue, and will present to the Lapel Town Council at the next meeting.

A motion was made to approve the meeting minutes from December 10, 2020 by Retherford, 2nd by Keith; all were in favor.

Trefin Luker joined the call virtually.

A motion was made to approve building permits 2551, 2560-2562 by Retherford, 2nd by Keith; all were in favor.

Old Business/ New Business: Lapel Town Council President Chad Blake wanted to thank everyone on the Planning Commission for all their hard work this past year.

Gary Shuck informed the commission that two members term expired at the end of 2020. These two members can continue to serve on the board as hold overs until they are reappointed or replaced. The Lapel Town Council is responsible for appointing the two open seats. Shuck stated that he is going to recommend Matt Woods for one of the open seats. The other seat must be filled by a town employee or public official.

Being no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, January 14, 2021