Call to Order: Gary Shuck, Dan Paddock, Matt Wood, Teresa Retherford, Paula Lee, Jeff Keith, Angie Callaway, and Kourtney Krabbe.

Shuck started the meeting by thanking Tony Hewitt and Trefin Luker for their service on the planning commission, and welcomed Matt Wood and Paula Lee as the new members. The planning commission is now legally staffed.

Inhabitable Properties: Larry Wyant wanted to update the planning commission on the property at 4512 S SR13. Wyant stated they are in the process of cleaning up the property, and are hoping to have it done by this year’s harvest. Paddock stated he would like to see an exact timeframe put into place for the cleanup of this property. Shuck state that Wyant needs to come back in August to give an update on the property, and the Planning Commission needs to see progress being done between now and then.  The property is to be discussed at the August 12th meeting.

Motion to approve January 14th meeting minutes was made by Keith, 2nd by Paddock; all were in favor.

Motion to approve permit 2563 was made by Shuck, 2nd by Callaway; all were in favor.

Hallmark Homes/Abor Homes: Shuck stated that the companies are looking to put in a housing addition at the end of 5th&6th Streets off of Central Ave. They were not able to have their plans prepared for tonight’s meeting, but wanted to discuss with the Planning Commission before next month’s meeting. Shuck asked the rest of the commission if everyone would be able to attend a special meeting on Thursday 2/25/21 at 6:30 at the Lapel Eagles. All members are able to attend so Krabbe stated she would get it advertised the following week.

Ford Street Church was tabled until future meeting due to no attendance from someone representing the church.

Old/New Business: Keith discussed concerns that residents have brought to his attention regarding parking standards in residential areas. All parking standards can be found in Zoning Ordinance V 3.2.15. If a resident has a complaint or question about parking they can contact Town Hall, or fill out an ordinance complaint form online at under resources. After the complaint is received the town will send out Code Enforcement Officer Chris Hobbs.

Shuck wanted to inform the rest of the Planning Commission that Mr. Fiddler has gone to the Madison County Drainage board about the Montgomery Farms phase 4 drainage plans. The Planning Commission wants to make note that no one has brought back any Montgomery Farm phase 4 plans since August 13, 2020, and no drainage plans have been approved yet.

No further business to discuss; meeting adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, February 11, 2021