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Planning Minutes from 6/9/2022

Minutes from a Planning meeting on 6/9/2022.


JUNE 9, 2022

In attendance: Matt Wood, Angie Callaway, Jeff Keith, Dan Paddock, Noah Bozell, Paula Lee, and Corrie Myer, Innovative Planning.

6:30pm meeting called to order

Motion to approve the April 4, 2022 minutes made by Keith, 2nd by Wood and all were in favor.

Motion to approve the May 3, 2022 minutes made by Keith, 2nd by Paddock abstaining were Wood and Callaway, voting to approve were Keith, Paddock, Bozell and Lee.

Motion to approve building permits #2662-2672 excluding #2671 made by Wood, 2nd by Callaway and all were in favor.

Belinda Bollman 9187 Beechwood Drive, Lapel, IN Bollman has permit application (#2671) for installation of in ground pool building inspector suggests variance as retaining wall/apron would be 3 feet into easement.  Development Standard Variance, formal process.  Discussion was held Commission advised work on pool could begin, but to wait on the concrete work.  Motion to approve permit #2671 pending concrete work and variance application made by Wood, 2nd by Callaway and all were in favor.

Camper issue on 9th Street, has been addressed, campers have been moved.

316 W 10th Street, deck built over gas line (no permit for deck), fence being built with no permit.  Application for permit picked up but not returned.  Gas operator Hutchison is aware of the issue resident says she has spoken with Hutchison.  Corrie Myer advises inspection and notice of violation be sent to property owner.

David Turner 403 E 5th Street, Lapel, IN came before the Commission again to speak on the construction of Tuscany and the blocking/rerouting of his driveway as well as possible drainage issues.  Corrie has reached out to engineer of project and is waiting for a return call.

Rhonda & Jeff McGuire 434 Central Avenue, Lapel, IN also spoke on the construction at Tuscany and the possible sidewalk issues. 

A lot split at 4th and John Street was discussed, currently non-conforming, advised to come before Planning Commission for a re plat.  Lot splitting would initiate variances.

Discussion was held on Shelby Materials, Gary Shuck to attend next meeting to discuss issues.

Discussion was held on white house next to Smokey’s Concession stand 736 S Main Street.  Staff to look for previous letter sent to owner, Keith to draft a letter to owner regarding property cleanup/repair.  Callaway to check her email for previous letter sent to owner.

Paddock brought up Wyant property on State Road 13, cleanup needs to continue.  Commission to have list of properties in town requiring attention and discuss at next meeting.

Being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.